Gravity Defyer is manufactured and distributed by AIW Inc.(Alexander Innovation Wizard). Established in 1996, AIW is also the owner of other brands and patented products such as Steinhausen, Spion, Strong Idea, G-Force watches and others. The company also owns and operates marketing companies such as Gadget Universe and they are partners in the Skymall inflight magazines distributed in most US airlines. According to Hoover, the company size is about 250 employees and it has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The web site tells the story of Alexander Elnekaveh, the owner and CEO of AIW and how he came to invent his Gravity Defyer. An unfortunate medical crisis in Elnekaveh's extended family, resulting in heel replacement surgery, would later prove to be the catalyst that spurred his interest in finding a shoe technology that would permit a person to move around with less pain. In 2003, while on an airplane, Elnekaveh read an article about research being conducted by the automobile industry. These same researchers had discovered the lightweight, shock-absorbing polymer that would eventually form the foundation of the Gravity Defyer shoe. It dawned on Elnekaveh that airplanes and automobiles took thousands of pounds of impact on a regular basis, yet he was able to travel in comfort. It was at this point that Elnekaveh was inspired to build the Impact Research Technology Laboratories in order to develop a similar technology for shoes."

Comfort Shoes Report card review of the company: AIW / Gravity Defyer company has excellent customer service, fair shipping prices, and you can purchase the shoes on line with a friendly automated order system. However, backordered shoes can take up to 20 days for delivery due to high demand, but they are working on improving shipping time.

According to the web site "The Gravity Defyer™" Shoes are the culmination of years of scientific research and one man's relentless passion for solving his nephew's debilitating health problem. Two parallel stories that cross paths on the way to inventing the most technologically advanced shoe in the world. This is the story of the Gravity Defyer™ Shoes".

"The Science Behind the Shoes
It started with the research of rubber (secret formulation of rubber) for the construction and automobile industries. Scientists investigating shock absorption for buildings and automobiles discovered a special polymer that was both lightweight and absorbed shock and vibration. The research lead to the development of the very first Gravity Defyer™ Shoe: the Catapult MMXT3. Others in the sport shoe industry had been trying for decades to produce a shoe that would provide the shock absorption and energy reciprocating power of the Gravity Defyer™ Shoes. However, the entire shoe industry was surprised when Alexander Innovation Wizard launched the first of its kind energy reciprocating shock absorbing sole in a dress and sport shoe nonetheless! Gravity Defyer's technology was invented by Alexander Elnekaveh and was designed and developed by the Impact Research Technology Laboratories (IRTL). The Gravity Defyer shoe is scientifically constructed with a hidden 6mm (1/8") shock absorber under the heel. According to Gravity Defyer's website, this shock absorber releases reciprocating resistance power each time the wearer's weight shifts to the balls of their feet, rebounding the body upward and propelling them forward. They also claim that wear and tear on the body is reduced and the wearer is able to move more freely.

Comfort Shoes Report card review for Technology: Everyone in our expert panel agrees, these are the best shoes they've ever worn. Immediately after you wear the Gravity Defyer you feel amazing, as if your floating weightless, defying gravity. The panel agreed on a Gravity Defyer technology rating of A+.

Gravity Defyer offers something for everyone, from cutting edge athletic shoes to dress shoes to sandals. The Fortune 500 executive, the busy soccer mom, the young, image-conscious college student or the active retiree, can all find a style that suits their taste and lifestyle. And most impressive of all, the Gravity Defyer line does not look in any way "orthopedic" or "therapeutic".

Comfort Shoes Report card review Style: The panel agreed that men's and sport styling is excellent, however for the women's Gravity Defyers the company stated that it is working on styling with the best fashion designers in the business and will be coming out with many new styles soon. For sport and men's styling the panel awarded an A+.

Gravity Defyer claims their footwear can help the user to have a more active lifestyle (which could lead to weight loss). The wearer can also appear nearly 2" taller (without looking as if they are wearing "elevator shoes"), as well as jump higher and walk faster. But the important benefit is the claim that the Gravity Defyer can ease joint pain and pressure on the spine. According to Gravity Defyer's website, their shoes are doctor recommended, and the site list the benefits as follows:

The Many Benefits of Gravity Defyer
     * Relieve your pain
     * Will reduce fatigue and tiredness
     * You'll have a more active lifestyle
     * You'll have more energy
     * You'll appear 2" taller
     * You'll look like a million dollars
     * You can ease joint and spine pain
     * You can jump higher & walk faster
     * You'll feel instant comfort
     * You'll have that Gravity Defying feeling
     * They will cool your feet & reduce foot odor

Comfort Shoes Report card review Benefits: the only thing we could not verify is jump higher but other than that, the panel agreed that the Gravity Defyer is not a marketing stunt or gimmick but has all these benefits and more.

The Gravity Defyer is a highly versatile shoe that can be worn for numerous activities. According to a survey conducted of 152 Gravity Defyer customers, 90% stated the shoes were very comfortable, and 91% reported feeling more energetic as a result of wearing Gravity Defyers.

Comfort Shoes Report card review Functionality: the study confirms the superior functionality of the Gravity Defyer.

Gravity Defyer shoes are handcrafted using the finest leather available. Each shoe is handsewn, insuring attention to detail, and utilizing the best material and components. Every shoe is also sent through a comprehensive quality assurance process, ensuring that each pair of Gravity Defyer shoes adheres to the highest standards.

Gravity Defyer offers a quite reasonable price for their footwear line, averaging around $145. For all of the potential benefits to wearing these shoes, the attention to style and detail, and the cutting-edge shock absorber technology, consumers would probably expect to pay much more. That Gravity Defyer is deciding to keep their prices down, would suggest that they are positioning themselves to become a major player in the quality footwear marketplace.